What Is A Winning Mindset?

For those of you who’ve never read “Think & Grow Rich”, let me tell you right now that it is the bible and pocket handbook of every person who possesses the desire to be rich and successful. There is an exact science to it and it was written by one of the greatest teachers ever lived. Napoleon Hill spent 20 years collecting the research to put this book together and I personally spent a decade myself, obsessing over the keys to unlocking the secrets of the mind, body, and soul respectively.

respectively. For those of you familiar with this book, I believe that’s what brought you here to mine “Trade & Grow Rich.”   Here I have a list of the core values I have simplified that served me well in every aspect of my trading routine and life itself and I use them as my daily affirmations

1) Focus is the name of the game
2) Be a mastery of yourself

3) Heighten all of your senses and milk it
4) Keep a “Black Book” (Containing your visions, goals, and affirmations)
5) Be full of yourself (You can’t pour from an empty cup)

6) Build your belief-system based on your own life experience
7) Find the “secret sauce” in everything
8) Stretch yourself but don’t drain yourself
9) Pick the right fuel for your journey

10) Give frequently
11)   There’s no stupid questions, answers maybe
12)  There isn’t one way or one path to anything
13)  Savor the process

14)  Be very selective of your thoughts
15)  Never let negativity weigh you down
16)  Take everything in with a pinch of salt (Don’t put it in your soup if it doesn’t taste right)

17)  Be a giant magnet of positive energy (You will attract the right kind back)
18)  Create something of quality that sells and speaks for itself
19) Evolve progressively
20)  Be open to new concepts, ideas, systems and expand
21)  Be like a sponge and absorb new skills, techniques and experiences

22)  Enjoy the diversity and variety the world has to offer
23)  Don’t push against anything you can’t resonate with
24)  You can have your cake and eat it too
25)  Take time to breathe

26)  Don’t be busy, be productive
27)  Act on inspired thoughts and trust your instincts
28)  There are no weaknesses, only untapped potential
29)  Infect people with only joy and appreciation (Never negative toxins/poison)

30)  Build something you never want to retire from
31)  Work your courage muscles
32) Exercise flexibility
33)  Take up a hobby that adds value to you

34)  Make accurate decisions
35)  Mind your own business
36)  Walk the extra miles
37)  Don’t work for money (Make it work for you)

38) Collect moments
39)  The more you give, the more you’ll have
40)  Nourish your body, mind, and soul
41)  Don’t fear what you don’t know
42)  Manage your energy well

43)  Practice stillness and meditate
44)  Spend time alone
45)  Schedule time to think
46)  Do fewer things often and get better at them
47) Be energy-savvy

48)  Understand things from inside out
49)  Eat well and sleep sound
50)  Tell yourself everyday “I am happy, healthy, and wealthy.”