Why Less Than 5% Is Making All the Money

Most people grew up with deep seated beliefs that money is the root of all evil and we are not deserving of it unless we studied really hard and graduated with an MBA or a Doctorate, where most of them usually end up being underpaid and overqualified for all that massive amount of time spent on their one area of expertise, and the sea of BA holders is as common and just about as useful as a roll of toilet paper embossed with flora patterns. Truth is, we were all born

rich, regardless of our humble or silver platter beginnings. If you are sitting right here right now with me, reading this with your perfectly good pair of eyes, and you have a good head and heart, then I must say, you have a pretty good head start. The reason why 95% of the traders fail is because they give up at the first sign of losing or so-called “failure”, not recognizing that those “failed attempts” were the stepping stones and building blocks needed to be collected for future reference. That statistic sadly applies the same for our income on a global scale. Less than 5% of the world

earns the rest of the money of the population is earning (put altogether) Sounds like an incredible myth? That is the REAL statistics that applies to most things big and small; whether it is in a classroom, conference room, or out there in the big boundless world. Truth is, it always adds up to just about a mere 5% of the (ANY) group that demonstrates the attributes of a successful person in whatever they do at the end of the day. The ones who have real success is rare because it takes not just specific attributes and characteristics, but also lifelong learning curve and attitude to maintain and sustain

such abundance and wealth.   The margin for success is more often than not tiny and miniscule, because most people are not willing to put in the time, attention, energy, and even money to lay a good foundation.The beauty of putting in an effort (without resistant or struggle) is knowing how and where and then, exactly what you put the effort on would not even matter. It would be effortless, once you know where and how to apply it.   Just imagine, if you were building a house

that provides safety and comfort for you later on (after you complete the process of building it) you still need to make sure you lay on the bricks and cement to have built a strong and sturdy place to live in, right? If you want a good roof over your head, you can’t just leave the house to grow a roof by itself. At the very least, you need to spend the money and do some basic research to employ someone good enough to do the job for you, even if you don’t wish to dirty your own hands and pick up the slack.   If you want to live comfortably, build a bigger and more spacious house. Which

of course, requires more bricks and more cement to build on and takes slightly more time to do it. But after it is done, you can be sure to enjoy it for years and years to come.   So here is the big question.. What kind of house do you desire to build for yourself?   To change these beliefs, you need to alter your paradigm. A rich and wealthy mind does not consists of “unhealthy” and negative beliefs that does not serve them well. To live a rich and abundant life, one would need to act, speak, and more importantly, think like one. To make a paradigm shift,

you need to create new “thought habits”. Thought habits consists of pictures and visions of what your past, present, and future looks like. If you don’t have the habit of organizing your thoughts or keeping track of them to make sure they contain positive and accurate versions of your goals and desires, everything would just seem like a hazy fog of nebulous mist.   To rid yourself of poor thought habits, you would need to persistently inject new affirmations, goals, visions, and a major definite purpose, to create a burning desire for

success.   You have to set aside time to make a decision to write down your new list of these things and repeat them at the start of your day and end of your night. You have to know exactly how much you would like to be making daily from your trading plans if you really want to make it work as a full-time profession and not just a hobby. Even if it were to be one, you would still have to make a mindset shift or else you would still lose all of your money eventually.