Characteristics of a Potential Successful Trader

In Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”, there is a very specific Personal Achievement Principle: “Assembling an Attractive Personality” It is one of the key elements I would like to highlight to you. Being a trader isn’t something that happens overnight and it depends heavily on you transforming into the best possible version of yourself mentally and emotionally. Of course, making use of your physical body as a tool through certain exercises

could be a bonus to help you bridge that gap. I used to have no “money sense” at all before I got myself financially educated and poured myself into seminars and workshops to know and understand the ins-and-outs of not just making money, but to retain, and then multiply (increase) the money.   There is a big difference between “hoarding” the money and making calculated risks to “set aside” for reinvestment. Therefore, cultivating a keen sense of responsibility towards money is so important because trading Binary Options allows you to have a glimpse of what 24/7 opportunity to

make money looks like (quite literally, by the minute and seconds) and as much as you can multiply and increase money really fast, depending on how large you call or put in, you can lose it all as fast as well, without proper management of your positioning size and timing.   Embodying a pleasing personality is basically the sum total of our mental, spiritual and physical traits and habits.

In trading, there will be high and lows, during which you would have to make difficult decisions to cut your losses or end up losing more. That is a series of emotional tug-of-wars going on in every session and hence, having a good “support group” is important too. In order to “attract” the right kind of people for that support and form your mastermind group, you would have to put in the personal effort in keep yourself in the best state of mind and energy at all times.   Here I will include a list of 11 Characteristics

Characteristics of Successful Traders so that you may have a definite goal and blueprint to follow through and strive to achieve. More importantly, to recognize the right people to trade with and bounce off ideas. It is crucial to learn how to form a good judgement of people so that you follow in the right footsteps and tread on your path with as little resistance as possible.

1) Keeps a Trading Journal religiously (To keep track of every single trading session)

2) Don’t allow the winnings to get to your head or the losses to your heart
3) Never ever over-trade and maintain a balanced lifestyle
4) Commit to your daily targeted goals without fail rain or shine

5) Learn from every trading mistake with enthusiasm(You have found 1 less mistake to lose again)

6) Judge everything for yourself after accessing all research and news
7) Have a plan and definite purpose and not just a list of goals
8) Do not be quick to react and always take the time to practice being pro-active

9) Do what scares you every day and overcome them one by one (Don’t stop just because you got burned a few times)

10) Focus and concentration is the name of the game

11) Patience is key